With or without broth, with tomato sauce or olive oil, "Anolini" is an exclusive word only used in Parma (a city in the North of Italy famous worldwide for its production of ham and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese). Anolini is the typical filled home made pasta that the rest of Italy call cappelletti, tortellini, ravioli, agnolotti.

Our anolini should be 2,8 cm diameter: the traditional filling recipe contains Parmigiano Reggiano

cheese (24-36 months old), breadcrumbs, egg yolk, a bit of nutmeg, beef stew.

In Fidenza and in the countrysides surrounding Parma, the traditional filling receip of anolini doesn’t have beef in it. In fact, what really matters is what's inside: only the real «rezdore» (a dialect name for Parmesan grandmothers housewives) know all secrets to make the perfect anolini.

In Parma, they are also called «floats» because they seem to float on broth. Local tradition also suggests to mix broth with Lambrusco (regional red wine) to «celebrate» the end of the meal.


From: turismo.comune.parma.it - www.taccuinistorici.it